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Terms and Conditions

Subscription fees and rates

In consideration for the license to use the PestScan Platform granted hereunder, you will pay us the monthly Access Fees (3) Three Months in advance, which shall, for the sake of clarity, be payable in respect of each month from the date of subscription and you shall be liable in respect thereof regardless of the extent to which you have used the PestScan Platform.
For so long as you pay the monthly fee and any other applicable charges, you may permit the agreed number of Subscriber Business Partners to access and use the relevant subscription for your PestScan profile. You agree to ensure that those Subscriber Business Partners comply with this Agreement.


You agree to:
ensure that your User Details and other information given in relation to your use of the PestScan Platform and is maintained to be, true and accurate;
use the PestScan Platform for your own lawful internal business purposes, in accordance with this Agreement and any notice sent by CYA Africa (PTY) Ltd; comply with your contractual obligations to the Business Partner through which you have been granted access to the PestScan Platform, if applicable; ensure that the Subscriber Business Partners who access the PestScan Platform on your account comply with the terms of this Agreement.

Payment of Charges & Cancellation

Payment shall be made in accordance with the Electronic Fund transfer (EFT) payment on a Quarterly basis.
60 Working day cancellation period is applicable.
All payments made to CYA Africa (PTY) Ltd are non-refundable.

Confidentiality, Privacy of Company Data and User Information and Interception of Communications

We undertake to take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of Business Partners and to comply with all applicable legislation.
The Company Data entered, or imported on instruction, by you, remains your property and we will not use nor make available for use any of this information without your permission.
We do not have access to your password and are therefore unable to access your account or Company Data, except where we have received your consent in this regard.
We will never access the details of any Company Data entered and stored by you. We will never access system usage history for a specific identifiable user, except where granted permission by that person to assist with resolution of a system issue or error.

Intellectual Property Rights

All right, title, ownership, benefit and interest in and to, and all Intellectual Property in the PestScan Platform, the design and content of the PestScan Platform and any documentation relating thereto remain the property of PestScan. All rights to Intellectual Property in respect of the PestScan Platform are reserved.
The exclusive right to authorise or prohibit the direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction of the Intellectual Property by any means and in any form, in whole or in part, and to make the Intellectual Property available to the public, and to distribute any copyright protected material in the PestScan Platform shall remain with CYA Africa (PTY) Ltd.

Disclaimers and Liabilities

We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the PestScan Platform will give the functionality and levels of service as described on the Website, when used in accordance with it and this Agreement. If you believe our provision of the PestScan Platform does not conform to this undertaking, you should notify us by email at


We may terminate this Agreement at any time by written notice, effective immediately, if you:
materially breach any term of this Agreement and either that breach is incapable of remedy or you have not remedied that breach within 7 (seven) days after receiving written notice requiring you to remedy it;
fail to pay when due any charges payable to us or stop paying for use of the PestScan Platform; or are liquidated provisionally or finally, placed under judicial management, commit an act of insolvency or enter into, or attempt to enter into compromise with your creditors.

General Terms

You agree that you are bound to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, which is concluded in Pretoria, South Africa at the time you enter the PestScan Platform for the First time or after you have accepted this Agreement as required on the Order form/SLA.
All training will be done remotely except if otherwise arranged.
Pro – Rata billing will be applicable for first month’s system usage.

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