Flock Off Roof Kit – Extra Large

Small Birds (Birds smaller than a Pigeon) / Metal Structures / Full Insulated Wire Installs

1 x Power Supply
600ft/180m Stainless Steel Wire
164ft/50m Double Insulated Wire
150 x Capacitors(*)
40 x Rings
40 x Springs

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How Does Flock Off Work


A Scientific Revolution in Bird Control

• Conceived by a quantum physicist in 2009, and developed by experts in Ornithology & Entomology, Flock Off uses applied science to disrupt the direct, migratory physiology of birds.

• Birds navigate by decoding information about the Earth’s magnetic field through a protein in their retina. They then use this data to guide, and direct their flight patterns.

• The Flock Off System creates a low-intensity magnetic pulse, directly affecting a bird’s navigational ability only when at the equipment range, which disrupts a bird’s ability to navigate, and land. When birds “see” the Flock Off system they do not land, and do not have to physically touch the system for it to be effective.

• When the system is activated, each capacitor creates an eletromagnetic field in the shape of a dome and,

• The electromagnetic field will disorient and deter the birds by affecting a bird’s navigational ability and forcing them to avoid landing in that area.

• The Flock Off system can cover up to 600 linear feet/ 180 meters.

Additional information

Power supply

• Enclosure: Polycarbonate
• Size 8 3⁄4 in x 5 7⁄8 in x 3 7⁄8 in
• 22.3cm x 15cm x 9.8cm
• Weight: 4.65 lbs. / 2.1 Kg
• IP Rating: IP65
• AC 110/220 volts

• System operation – 2,500 volts AC at 0.021 amps
• Consumption – 25W (Watts)

Roof Capacitor

• Can be attached with screws or adhesive.
• Can be screwed into sheet metal, as an alternative to using the magnetic capacitor.

Magnet Capacitor

• Simple placement; no tools required
• 2-inch magnet with 65 lbs./ 30 Kg of pull force
• Easy to remove and reposition during installation.
• Only for metal or steel:
• Not recommended for thin sheet metal on corners where there will be more tension on the wire
• Place the capacitors on structural metal instead

Metal Clip Capacitor

• This clip can be attached to the edges of steel beams, or roof tiles, up to ¼” / 0.64cm thick – No tools required.
• This clip can be modified using a Stainless-Steel tie-wrap, or hose clamp, passing through the clip opening.

Double Insulated Cable

• Double Insulated Wire with updated MC4 Connection
• 82feet / 25meters included with system

Stainless Steel Wire

• 316 Stainless Steel Wire, 0.45 mm gauge
• Polished 650 to 750 N/mm2 resistance for electromagnetic conduction
• 600 feet / 180meters included with the system

Stainless Steel Ring

• Stainless Steel
• 316L alloy steel
• Corrosion resistant
• Used to facilitate connections
• 20 included with system

Stainless Steel Spring

• 1mm extension spring hook
• 316L stainless steel spiral
• Used to create tension and provide proper rigidity
• 20 included with the system

Single Insulated Cable

• If there is a risk of shock in a high-traffic area, single insulated wire should be utilized.

Flock Off Detector

• Eletromagnetic field reader.
• Ensures an electromagnetic signal is emitted from the components.